15 minutes of sniffing = 1 hour walk!

15 minutes of sniffing = 1 hour walk!

Now that I have your attention... you did read that correctly!

Giving your dog 15 minutes of sniffing burns the same amount of calories as a 1-hour walk.


Anyone who has taken a class with me, or been into our business knows we're a huge advocate for canine enrichment!  More and more pet parents are looking for ways to provide mental stimulation for their dogs and one of our favourite ways is by a Snuffle Mat.

What are snuffle mats?
So what are these magical things that burn calories in such little time?  
Snuffle mats are usually made of felt or fleece material and allow treats to be hidden.  Our favourite PawzNDogz Snuffle Mats are made of thick cotton polyester webbing, felt, & food grade silicone for the lick mats!  
These mats encourage dogs natural sniffing and foraging behaviours.  The mental stimulation mimics dogs natural environments for searching and working for food.  This helps burn energy and decrease boredom, which helps decrease behavioural problems. 
Ditch the bowl!
 One of our favourite ways to recommend a snuffle mat is to ditch your dogs food bowl!  Yes, get rid of it!  By replacing their ordinary food dish with a snuffle mat, you can now make meal time so much more fun!  Instead of your dog taking 5 seconds to eat their meal, they can now go searching for their kibble for 30 minutes or more!  Think about the time of day when you would like to just sit down and watch your favourite tv show and your dog keeps bringing you their favorite toy.  Well now you can replace this with a snuffle mat and you're dog will enjoy your tv time as much as you do!
Snuffle mats are also great slow feeder option for dogs who like to gulp down food!
Best way yet - you know our crazy Bruce County Snow Storms?  Burn your dog's energy inside instead with a snuffle mat of getting blown away outside!
Snuffle Mats we carry
We are proud to carry PawzNDogz Snuffle Mats!  They are the top of the line we've seen so far! 
Below are a list of all the benefits of PawzNDogZ:
  • Canadian Made 🇨🇦 
  • Dense anti-bite cotton polyester webbing
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Tough against gentle chews
  • 4 suction cups for fixing on untextured hard wood floors, ceramic tiles, glass and metal surfaces
  • Acts as a slow feeder too
  • Machine washable

What can you use in snuffle mats?
Honestly, the possibilities are endless!

  • Kibble
  • Fruits and Veggies
  • Dry dog treats
  • Use the lick mat for stews or raw food

So are you ready to add some more excitement into your dogs life?  Stop by today and check out which Snuffle Mats we recommend!

Well we hope you enjoyed our top 4 must haves for your dog this spring!  Don't hesitate to stop in and we can show them to you in person!

Until next time,

🐾 Woofs & Wags
- Melissa & Oaklee 🐾

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