Unleash the Fun: Where Every Dog's Day is a Blast!

Unleash the Pawsitive is an almost 6000 square foot facility (the largest in Bruce County!) devoted entirely to the care for your 4-legged best friends and family members!

Saugeen Shores Exclusive Doggy Daycare

Our approach to your dog’s day in our daycare is to balance physical exercise, mental activities, and rest periods. All three are equally important components to keeping your dog safe and healthy when socializing with other dogs.

Four small dogs joyfully playing together at our dog daycare, showcasing the fun and social atmosphere for your best friend

Size Matters

We prioritize the safety and well-being of every dog. Our facility features four spacious play areas with rubberized and epoxy flooring, this allows us to divide the dogs by size and play style. Each area includes a fenced outdoor space for play and bathroom breaks, ensuring a tailored and comfortable experience for all our guests.

Nap Time

Dogs may take natural rest breaks during playgroups, but it is the rare dog that will relax and enter a deep sleep. Most dogs napping in the playgroup are in light sleep, but very alert so they can jump up whenever something exciting happens. They do not reach the restful sleep stages needed to keep their brain healthy. All dogs are napped from 11am-1pm daily.


e implement a variety of enrichment techniques to promote mental and physical stimulation for our guests. From interactive toys on our daycare floor to group training sessions, we provide mental and physical stimulation tailored to your dog's needs. We also use pre-filled Kongs & Toppls during nap time ensuring relaxation and mental engagement even during rest periods
A happy golden retriever enjoying a day at Unleash the Pawsitive, embodying the joyful and welcoming environment for your beloved pets."


In order to be accepted into daycare, all dogs must:

1. Have a current application on file

2. Pass an evaluation (We only offer one evaluation per day on Mondays)

3. Be people and dog friendly, and have no guarding issues

4. Be up to date on shots (Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella) – you must provide proof with current vaccination records

5. Your dog must be comfortable in a crate.  We use crates daily here so if your dog has never been in a crate or doesn’t enjoy the crate, unfortunately we won’t be a good fit.

6. All new dogs must be neutered by 7 months of age.

7. Puppies over 12 weeks or with second set of vaccines administered

Three eager dogs eagerly awaiting treats at our dog daycare, capturing the anticipation and enjoyment of our treat-time routines.


We offer half day and full day options.

  • Half Day: Less than 6 hrs.

  • Unlimited Passes are more beneficial if your dog is planning on coming more than 4 days a week.

  • Unlimited pass begin the day you purchase your pass.

  • New Dog Evaluation Fee $10.

  • 10 Pass have 1 year expiry date from the date of purchase.

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Stephanie Brawn
The best!

My pup absolutely LOVES his time at daycare! He is so excited to go and he is nice and tired when he returns home.

Highly recommend Unleash the Pawsitive. The staff is great and they take such good care of all the pups

Tracy Jackman

our pup loves daycare! staff is awesome lots of things for dogs to do! i don’t worry a bit when i drop her off knowing she is having a blast at School best place for dogs to go in saugeen shores!

Christina Furlong
Amazing Dog Daycare!

Gerald has been going here since he was a little puppy, and he’s still just as excited as he was on day 1! The staff are so amazing, I can’t say enough great things about them! They are always available to help, and answer any question, or concern. I’m so glad there’s a dog daycare like this in the community.

Janet-lynn Metz
Full Day Doggie Daycare

Unleash the Pawsitive is the best place to leave your dogs and be worry free. They won’t want to leave at the end of the day.

Brenda Robertson

Daisy loves going to daycare and you can see the benefits when she is exposed to new people. She is so comfortable with meeting new people.


Can I have a tour before my dog comes

Unfortunately no. We understanding wanting to see where your dog might be staying but for the safety of the dogs already in our care we can not allow tours. We have many dogs who have "stranger danger" and it would make their visit with us unpleasant.
We do post multiple stories per day on our facebook & instagram stories. We would encourage you to check them out and get a good idea of what a day with us might be like.

What shots does my dog need?

We require your dog to be up-to-date on their Distemper/Parvo combination, Rabies and Bordetella vaccines. We strongly recommend the intranasal Bordetella vaccine. Please ask your vet for this vaccine over the oral one. We gladly accept titer tests.
Negative fecal tests and proof of flea/tick medication is also accepted.

Why do you require an evaluation?

The evaluation process is all about safety. As a dog owner you have to be confident in knowing that your dog will be cared for and comfortable. During this process we’ll address you questions and concerns while making sure that your dog will enjoy his or her day.

Frequently asked question

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What is the evaluation process?

We have an easy application and evaluation process that all dogs must complete before they come to Unleash the Pawsitive to ensure the safety of all our guest.  Our evaluation is like a regular daycare day, so you would not stay, it just allows us to assess your dogs play style and behaviour.
We do recommend you be home for this day in case your dog is not enjoying their time with us.

During the evaluation we allow your dog to meet the dogs one at a time so they do not become overwhelmed.

We only run evaluations on Mondays.

What should I bring for my dog’s first day?

Before your first day of daycare, please complete our online application, once we have your application we will contact you within 5 business days to set up an evaluation. We'll also request your dog's most recent vaccine records at this time. We require proof of vaccines before your dog's first day.

On your first day of daycare, bring your dog! Please allow them time to go to the bathroom before bringing them in. Please bring them inside on a leash and collar. Once they arrive we will allow them outside time on our patios before we start the evaluation.

My dog has been to another daycare and the dog park - do I still need an evaluation?

Yes. We want to know as much as possibly about every dog so that we can provide the best care for each guest.

Do you need an appointment for daycare?

Yes. Clients with recurring reservations receive first priority for available slots for daycare. If you have a variable schedule, sign up as soon as you know to reserve your space. Calls made the day of will be admitted only if space allows. For the safety of our guests and staff, we cannot accept dogs without an appointment if we are full!

We are currently booking 2-3 weeks in advance.

Where do the dogs go potty?

We have our own private, fully fenced potty yard! We take group potty breaks at least every hour and a half throughout the day. We will not ruin your potty training because we are reinforcing potty training all day long. We can even help potty train your puppies!

Do you separate the dogs?

Yes. We have four indoor playrooms. We separate by size and temperament. Most of the time this means smaller dogs are together in one space, and the larger dogs are together in the other. Puppies are also kept separate until they are 5 months of age.

What does my dog do all day?

Dogs tend to play in 30-45 minute increments. They wrestle, tug on toys, and romp around, then rest. We have several beds and plenty of staff laps for our guests to take a break with. Our staff is always with the dogs to provide cuddling and belly rubs to our guests’ content. We also work on obedience skills such as Come, Stay, Leave it, and Wait throughout the day as well.

We have a 2 hour nap period between 11am - 1pm daily for all dogs. Puppies will also receive a 20 minute nap in the morning and afternoon depending on their arrival. Sometimes older dogs need naps too.

All dogs are also crated at 4pm until they're picked up. We've found at the end of the day once some dogs started going home other would become frantic anticipating getting picked up. Once we started crating them, most of them napped after their very busy day.

What are your hours for daycare?

We're open Monday to Friday 6:30am to 5:30pm.

We are closed weekends and all holidays.

Please note we do close in between Christmas & New Years (these dates change yearly)

What if I need to leave for work before 6:30am?

Unfortunately at this time 6:30AM is the earliest drop off we offer.

What do I do if I can’t make it before closing?

We close at 5:30 PM. If you cannot make it before then call us to let us know. We charge $10 for every 10 minutes your dog is left over 5:30pm.

We have staff with other jobs and have evening classes. We appreciate all dogs going home before we close.

What do you do for bad behaviours?

To maintain happy guests, we utilize redirection or time outs for dogs that are being unruly or displaying inappropriate behaviours. A time out is not punishment, but a break from whatever they were doing.

We have crates available, depending on the situation. Sometimes a mental break is all that is needed and we’ll practice obedience or redirect the behaviour onto something more appropriate.

Seeing a dog in a crate does not necessarily mean that dog got in trouble, but that he or she more likely needed a break.

What if there is an emergency?

Should there be an injury or illness during your dog’s stay, we will do everything in our power to ensure the safety of your dog and our other guests. We will attempt to contact you first, then your emergency contacts. If needed, we will transport your dog to the vet. Unleash the Pawsitive is not responsible for any costs involved.

What if my dog doesn’t play well with others?

Not all dogs get along, just like people. And not all dogs are suited for daycare.

All dogs are evaluated beforehand so that we can assess each dog individually.

You will be provided with a report card on how your dog did. If you know your dog does not get along with other dogs prior to our evaluation, please let us know.

Can my dog be dismissed from daycare

Yes. Some dogs out grow daycare as much to our dismay.

Daycare is much like a rave in downtown Toronto. Not everyone loves that setting. Dogs are the same as they get older they don't love the hustle and bustle of daycare.

This is ok! Dogs become more selective as they get older. Just because they don't love daycare anymore, doesn't mean their bad just means they have certain friends they want to play with.

We pride ourselves in communication with pet parents. If we have any concerns about your dog while they're in our care you can rest assured we'll be in contact with you to let you know.

Cute golden retriever puppy sitting on a beach

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