Our Pawsitive Puppy Program

Gerald, the eager student, learning good manners in our Puppy Preschool class, with guidance from our skilled trainers and plenty of positive reinforcement.

Your new puppy is just about the most adorable thing, he’s cute, fluffy, cuddly, and playful.

But then…..

there’s house training, crate training, chewing, jumping and those sharp, piranha teeth and not to mention their crazy gremlin hour!

But we can help!

Our new program focus’ on training your new puppy so you don’t have too!  After a day with your puppy will come home trained and tired! 

Two puppies standing together, promoting positive puppy socialization in our caring environment, fostering lifelong friendships and good behaviour.


Socialization is an imperative part of puppy development. It fosters confidence and adaptability in dogs. It's the key to a well-rounded and emotionally balanced puppy.


Leave the training to the professionals! With expert guidance, your puppy will develop essential skills for a lifetime of obedience and enjoyment
A sleepy puppy rests peacefully after a day in our puppy program, recharging for more fun and learning ahead.

A tired pup!

Our daycare provides the perfect outlet for your puppy's energy. This means a happy and well exercised puppy promoting restful evenings and enhanced behaviour at home.
A puppy focused on learning loose leash walking with one of our skilled trainers, taking confident steps towards obedience and exploration.

Our Program Includes: 

4 weeks of daycare
    – Min. 3 days a week, max 5 days a week

2-3 private sessions with our trainers each day

    – Working on obedience skills such as come, stay, leave it, loose leash walking and more!

Monitored social play with other puppies
– The perfect way to build proper socialization

Proper nap times
– This is to make sure your puppy doesn’t get over tired ( Yes this happens, and it’s not pretty!)

Limited Space
– We only take 4 puppies in our program each month!

Let’s be honest becoming a puppy parent is hard!

But it doesn’t have to be!


$1199.99 + tax for 4 week program
Tilly, a participant in our puppy program, engaged in learning and socialization activities, fostering growth and development.


In order to be accepted into daycare, all dogs must:

  • Be up to date on puppy shots – 2 round of vaccines required including ( Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella) – you must provide proof with current vaccination records

  • Puppies must be under 5 months of age to enrol in our Pawsitive Puppy Program
Cute golden retriever puppy sitting on a beach

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