Mud, Ticks & Skunks... oh my 🦨

Mud, Ticks & Skunks... oh my 🦨

Spring must haves for your dog.  Mud, Ticks & Skunk Solutions
Spring brings excitement that summer is on the way.  However it also brings mud... ticks.... and that lovely smell of skunk! 

Below I'm sharing with you my top recommendations for spring must haves for your dog as well as the number 1 rated solution for Skunks!

1. Ticks
Tickless - Chemical free tick solution for you and your dog As more and more pet parents are looking for chemical free flea & tick solutions for their pets, one of our go to's is Tickless for your dog and you! 
This device emits ultrasonic pulses that disorient the ticks, keeping them away!  Don't worry it's such a low pulse it's undetectable to us and your pooch!  It's 94% effective against them!
Check out Tickless for your dog or
Tickless Active for you 

2. Mud
Let's face it.  Spring can suck for dogDirty Dog Shammy, how to get mud off your dog! parents!  Your backyard is full of poopiscles and everytime your dog comes in from outside you have to wipe them.  Not to mention if you take them for a walk and then you have to clean their whole underbelly!  We have a couple of solutions that may help!
Dirty Dog Shammy has handles so you can easily wash your dog! Dirty Dog Shammy is great for wiping all the mud and guk off your  dog, they also have door mats & floor runnerskeep your floors clean with this mat that absorbs i'll your dogs mud & dirt! available to help when they come inside! 
(Mats & floor runners are available by order only.  We receive these orders weekly)

Another popular request this spring has been the FouFou Dog Body Guard!  You can order them through us and we receive these weekly!
 FouFou Brand Body Guard⬅️  FouFou Brands Body Guard   

3. Skunks
We shared our recommendation for skunks last week on facebook & instagram!
best solution for dogs being sprayed by a skunk!
Save this and keep this on hand for when you need it!  We also recommend having the products on hand as let's be honest your dog is likely to be sprayed in the middle of the night when nothing is opened!
KEY: DO NOT PUT WATER ON YOUR DOG!  This will make the smell worse! Put the solution on, let sit, then rinse!

4. New Snuffle Mats
Snuffle Mats are great enrichment for your dog In 1 day you sold us out of our new snuffle mats!  We're doing another order for next week, but if you would like to guarantee one send us a message and we'll order it for you! 
Snuffle mats are a great enrichment tool for your dogs!  Wether it be to curb boredom or just make their meals take longer.  These mats are extremely durable and have 4 levels to choose from!

Well we hope you enjoyed our top 4 must haves for your dog this spring!  Don't hesitate to stop in and we can show them to you in person!

Until next time,

🐾 Woofs & Wags
- Melissa & Oaklee 🐾

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