The benefits of adding Bone Broth to your dogs meal 🦴

The benefits of adding Bone Broth to your dogs meal 🦴

I've been adding it to Oaklee's diet for quite some time now just to switch things up for him but after doing more research I quickly found all the benefits to adding bone broth to his diet!

Bone broth is increasingly becoming known as a super food for dogs!

What is bone broth?

Much like a warm bowl of soup for us, bone broth is a nutritious additive to add to your dogs diet.  You can use it as a snack, a meal toppers or a supplement.

Bone broth is made by simmering parts of animals that can't be eaten such as bones, tendons, marrow, and ligaments to form a broth.

Why should I add bone broth to my dogs diet?

Bone broth can aid in overall health of your dog, speed healing & reduce common illnesses.  
Some of the main benefits of bone broth are:

Collagen:  Collagen is the largest protein in the body, feeding your dog collagen from cooked bones will help with joints, mobility, skin & coat and their digestive system

  • Collagen can help with arthritis by providing lubrication to joints and connective tissue.
  • Collagen can help with your dogs skin & coat by increasing their skins elasticity.  This will help with shedding, scratching and help them have a healthier & shinier coat.
  • Collagen can help with your dog's digestive tract by helping soothe and help prevent bacteria, toxins and undigested nutrients from passing into the blood stream.  Collagen is an important aid in helping with leaky gut syndrome.

Nutrient Rich: While bone broth has an abundance of collagen it also contains many vitamins and minerals to help with your dogs overall health.  It also contains calcium and phosphorus which are important for joint health as well and magnesium & sulphur  which help with hearth health and immune system.

Moisture: Bone broth is a great way to add moisture to any dry diet.  Adding moisture will prevent dehydration and promote overall health.

Ways to feed bone broth to your dog?

  • Add it as a topper to your dogs kibble
  • To rehydrate freeze dried food
  • Use bone broth to make frozen dog treats
    (check out our blog post below on how to make frozen treats!)

What type of bone broth?

While there are many types of bone broth on the market our favourite is
Open Farm Bone Broths.  They have 3 different types of flavours to choose from.  All the farms are certified humane and organic.  You will want to be careful with bone broth in grocery stores as it's usually packed with sodium.

You can also make your own bone broth by easily adding bones to a crockpot, adding water and cooking on low for 24 hours.

Here are the best bones to use for bone broth:

  • Beef or Bison Marrow Bones
  • Beef or Bison Knuckle Bones
  • Beef Kneecaps
  • Chicken, Duck, or Turkey Feet and Necks
  • Pork Trotters

 Do you make your own bone broth?  Let us know in the comments below what's your favourite recipe is!

Until next time,

🐾 Woofs & Wags
- Melissa & Oaklee 🐾

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