Life Skills

Think you can’t teach old dogs new tricks? Think again.

Our Life Skills 1 class is for any dog that needs a refresher class, or has never taken a class before. We want to rekindle that fun and exciting time back when they were puppies.

Imagine your dog got out the front door and was running towards the road – wouldn’t it be nice if you had a solid recall that would get them to turn on a dime? Most dogs hear “come” and they think, “What’s in it for me? Good or bad?” We will teach them again that “come” is great and they should pick you over the squirrel, cat or car.

We also will focus on loose leash walking techniques and tools so that you walk them, not the other way around. And wouldn’t it be great if you dropped a bunch of chocolate on the floor and your dog knew the “leave – it” cue meant don’t touch it? It can save your dog’s life when potentially poisonous items may be in their reach. And there’s much more.

We focus on the 3 “Ds” of training: Distraction, Duration and Distance. Each of these will take place in the tasks we teach your dog, to help them grow into a perfect adult!

We’ve now added Go to Mat Training into our curriculum which will teach your dog to go lay on their mat during meal times or when someone comes to the door!

We have classes starting all the time, so please check our schedule for upcoming classes!

Lorcan, focused and determined, practicing the 'leave it' command in our Life Skills class, mastering impulse control and building a foundation for good behavior.


Lots of focus on “Come”

Small class size

Off leash play with other dogs

Taught with “Real Life” distractions

Can be separated into Small and Large Dog Classes

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT work on aggression or reactivity in class!  If you have an aggressive dog towards people or pets please contact us.

Class Requirements

Any dog over 1 year of age

Previous Classes not required

Up to Date on Vaccines

Kennel Cough Vaccine Recommended


Class tuition is $375 + HST for 6 week program


All payments are paid on the first night.

Cancellation Policy

After the first class there are no refunds.


Cute golden retriever puppy sitting on a beach

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